Monday, February 25, 2008

Yam Balls

This is a Hakka snack that my grandparents will make during Chinese New Year. In order not to lose this tradition, I took up the responsibility to cook it for a few years now, improvising it along the way. Eating it now reminds me of how my grandparents would fry it on CNY eve and only allow us to eat it on the next day. Just so that we do not catch a sorethroat..
3 big / 4 small Yams
1 Ginger
250g Sweet potato flour (usually its about 1/2 pkt)
375g Tapioca flour (usually its about 3/4 pkt)
2 Tsp Salt

1) Shredd yam and ginger finely. Sun / Air it for an hour.
2) Mix all the above ingredients and knead for 10minutes. Allow it to rest for an hour.
3) Deep fry in heated oil.

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